Thursday, February 4, 2016

Episode 181: My Sewing Mojo Is Back!


Almost Two-At-A-Time Socks
Sesia Mistral Baby, Colorway
Purchased at Lellabella in Venice, Italy

Monkey Socks
Voolenvine Yarns, Footsie ("Lovesong")

Doodler Shawl by Stephen West
Voolenvine Yarns, Wolke
Color A - "Enjoy the Silence"

Color B - "Venus Fly Trap"
Color C - "Succulents"


Inside Number 23 with Miss Lavelli
The Yarn Parlor with Alison
Stress Knits with Stacy
Stuff Mom Never Told You


Argyle Yarn Shop

  • Quince & Co., Chickadee, ("Sabine")
  • Quince & Co., Tern, ("Syrah")
Brooklyn General

Ply Magazine, Issue 11, Winter 2015, "Singles"

A Great Yarn
  • Haute Knits Yarn OOAK for A Great Yarn ("The Finest Hours")
  • Zen Triangular Dpns, US2 / 3.0mm
  • ChiaoGoo 9 inch (23 cm) circulars US2 / 2.75mm


Ultimate Wrap Dress by Sew Over It London 
Heather-grey jersey fabric


Next Update: Friday, February 5th, 2016 @ 7pm EST

Friday, January 29, 2016

Episode 180: I Dream of Hackles


Box O' Sox KAL
Host: Me!
Duration: 1 year (Jan. 1, 2016 — Jan.1, 2017)
Knit a whole box of socks! 12 pair minimum. No maximum. Double-dipping OK. 

Host: Tonya of the "Knitting Spring" podcast
1 month
About: Knit anything with that month's featured indie dyer's yarn.  Knit with Voolenvine Yarns for the month of January.


Snappy Stitches with Chrissy
Wool n' Spinning with Rachel Smith
WolffUndSchafe with Magdalena


Verdure Shawl, by Fluffy Fibers
Voolenvine Yarns, Blitzed "Succulents"

Cuff-down, FLK Heel Socks
Regia 4-ply, Arne & Carlos "Summer Night"

Wildes Meer, by Voolenvine
(Pattern to be released around March 1, 2016)
Voolenvine Yarns, Narwhal "Venus Fly Trap"


Monkey Socks by Cookie A. Voolenvine Yarns, Footsie "Lovesong"

I have quite a few things still on the needles including my Lumpy Space Shawl and Aisling Shawl. To be honest, I've lost a little steam on my Aisling ... I'm not quite sure about the color combination.


Loop Bullseye Bump from Rhinebeck 2016
5.5 oz Merino, bamboo, tussah silk, angelina
Fingering - DK, approx. 333 yards

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Episode 179: Podcaster Posse


  • Box O' Sox KAL announcement
  • What I'm Knitting
  • Spinning
  • Vogue Knitting Live re-cap
  • Treat Yourself 
  • Shop Update
  • Blather


The Yarn Geek is a brand new podast hosted by Denise, who I met at the Plucky Knitter trunk show at Gauge + Tension, and also hung out with the past weekend at Vogue Knitting LIVE.

This week I also seem to have re-discovered audio podcasts!I've been binge-listening to the Sweet Georgia Show (recommended by Tiny Paper Foxes podcast), hosted by Felicia Lo or Sweet Georgia Yarns.

Through the previous podcast, I also started watching the

Knit at least 12 pairs of socks in 1 year — the more the merrier!

The idea is to fill a box (big or small) … with lovely hand knit socks! This way, come 2017, you’ll have a whole box of lovely socks, ready to wear … Or admire.

Start Date: Jan. 1, 2016. I will close this thread on January 1, 2017 and draw prizes (still TBD).

In the meantime, please post in the official Ravelry thread for general chatter, questions, sharing pix, and progress.

Please use #BoxOsoxKAL for sharing pix on Instagram

Can’t wait to see all your gorgeous socks!

Just for fun ... the briefcase scene from Pulp Fiction Melinda (Yarnder Woman) mentioned ... (Skip to 3:30 mark)

WARNING: this video is explicit and violent. If you are sensitive, please DO NOT watch.


  • Socks
    Regia, Arne & Carlos, "Summer Night"
    Project bag by Mina Makes
  • Verdure Shawl, by Fluffy Fibers
    Voolenvine Yarns, Blitzed, "Succulents"
  • My own shawl design
    Voolenivne Yarns, Narwhal, "Venus Fly Trap"


This week I unloaded a bobbin of singles using Gourmet Stash "Broken Ornaments" fiber. I navajo plied the singles, which resulted in 108 yds DK.

Did a little spinning on my Lendrum. Fiber is Loop, in the "Ohm" colorway. 

I'm not sure what I was thinking, but I didn't bring knitting with me to VKL. But I did bring my small Subterranean Woodworks Turkish spindle and a rolag, from Adrian of the Freakish Lemon Podcast.


One Geek to Craft Them All

VKL Podcaster Posse

Gabby Once Upon a Corgi
Jennie and Devon from Tiny Paper Foxes
Eric from Sticks + Twine Denise from Yarn Geek

Mina from the Knitting Expat Podcast
Jackie from Brooklyn Knitfolk
Tonya from Knitting Spring
Carlene from Made with Carlenergy

Dragonfly Fibers Gradient Set, Dragon Sock, "Titania"

Narwhal Needlework
Spinning Fiber, 100% Polwarth Wool, "Glacier"

Manos Del Uruguay
Alegria, "Dragon"

Hedgehog Fibres
Twist Sock, "Birthday Cake"

Friday, January 15, 2016

Episode 178: Yarn Fortress 2.0

Thanks so much for watching! Below are some talking points and links to just about everything I talk about in this week's episode. If I missed anything, feel free to ask me about it in the YarnGasm Ravelry Group! 

Stonecutter by Michele Wang
Quince & Co, Lark, "Damson"

Little Bobbins' Christmas Eve Cast On Socks
Knit Picks, Stroll, "Dogwood Heather"
Gynx Yarns, Power Sock, "Gingerbread House"


Regia, Arne and Carlos, "Summer Night"

Verdure Shawl by Fluffy Fibers
Voolenvine Yarns, Blitzed, "Succulents"


Yarn Fortress version 2.0!
IKEA, KALLAX — inspired by Andi from the Andre Sue Knits podcast


on Ravelry asks ...
Hello, Kristin! I love your colorways!
I wanted to ask how many colors of dyes do you regularly use? Do you have only a couple of colors and you mix them a lot to get what you want or do you have a lot of colors and use them as they are? (For example do you have a green dye or do you mix yellow and blue for that? What about purples etc.?).

CraftyLynetteR on Ravelry asks ...
Hi Kristin, I’m a new knitter so my question is - what piece of advice would you give to a new knitter? Thanks for the great podcast.


Next Update: Friday, January 15th @ 7pm EST
Valentine's Day Colorways are here!


Knitting Resolutions: 
- Finish Verdure & Lumpy Space
- Knit larger garments ... maybe only knitting one pair of socks at a time.
- Design a new pattern
- Knit Dennis a sweater
- Knit 2 sweaters for myself
- Keep a knitting journal

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Episode 177: The One About Italy (Happy New Year!)


Sock HO: Little Bobbin's Christmas Eve Cast On KAL Socks Gynx Yarns, Power Sock "Gingerbread House"
Knit Picks Stroll, "Dogwood Heather"
Using US 1.5, 2.5mm Knitter's Pride Cubics dpns


Aisling Shawl, by Justyna Lorkowska
O Wool, O Wash Fingering, "Barn Owl"
Gynx Yarns, "Howl's Castle"

Stonecutter Pullover, by Michele Wang
Quince & Co. Lark, "Damson"

Jaffrey Hat, by Michele Wang
Brooklyn Tweed LOFT, "Hayloft"


Respect the Spindle by Abby Franquemont
Link to video on Interweave


Jimmy Beans Wool- Arne & Carlos "Fall Night"
- Large Bryson Sock Blockers

- Soft Cashmere Exclusive for Lellabella, 316
- Sesia Baby Minstral, 262

Baerenwolle, BaerenFLUFF, "Pond"


 Niddy-Noddy video by The Woolery

Friday, December 18, 2015

Episode 176: Wiggly Woggly


Regia 4-ply, Arne & Carlos, Summer Night
Knitter's Pride, Cubics, US1, 2.5mm dpns


Stonecutter Pullover by Michele Wang
Quince & Co. Lark, Damson
  • Finished knitting and blocking the back and front
  • Currently knitting the first sleeve
Victoria Street by the Zealous Knitter


Hobbledehoy Battlings

Gauge + Tension Cormo

Adrian of the Freakish Lemon Podcast’s holiday gift

Knit Picks Stroll & FeliciStroll: Black, Dove Heather, Dogwood Heather, White
Felici: Tea Party


TheCedarBox on Ravelry Asks … Have you ever been a test-knitter? What’s the protocol? Are there knitter-in-the-know rules?


Tuesday, December 22nd, 6pm EST

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Episode 175: Intermittent Mittens

I'm using a new microphone this week (Blue Spark). But after taking it for a spin, I realize it's better for audio podcasts. So, unfortunately, it will be going back to the store. 


Barley Hat by Tin Can KnitsGynx Yarns, Merino Worsted, "Fantasy"

 Socks for Dennis
Skein, Top Drawer Sock, "Savannah"


Stonecutter by Michele Wang
Quince & Co., Lark, "Damson"
  • Stonecutter KAL co-hosting with The Fawn Knits podcast 
  • Join the Junk Yarn Podcast Cable-a-long and triple-dip for prizes!
Ornament-a-long KALKnit ornaments during the month of December. Post FOs in the Ravelry thread. On January 1st, 2016, I will close the thread a draw prizes. 

Grayling Mittens by Tin Can Knits
Isager, Alpaca Merino 


No spinning this week, but I did receive my replacement Snyder Turkish Spindle arm ... the one with the narwhals!


Knitter's Pride Cubics Dpns
US 1.5, 2.5mm

Knitter's Pride Karbonz
16" 40cm circulars

Bryspun Sock Blockers


Jalie Mens' and Boy's Boxer Shorts
I learned to sew a buttonhole, using the buttonhole foot for my sewing machine.
This is also my first time sewing with flannel.


ThisPianoGirl on Ravelry asks ...
I have heard about many podcasters including you talk about frogging, or ripping back a project. I was curious if there is a ” proper ” way to do this?

If you don't have a real fireplace, these are fun to stream to your TV, during the holidays ... or whenever!

Nick Offerman Yule Log
Lil Bub's Magical Yule Log 

Outlander Yule Log


Friday, December 4, 2015

Episode 174: Surrender To the Sock Faries

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!


Barley Hat by Tin Can Knits
Gynx Yarns, Merino Worsted, “Fantasy”

Seahorse Ornament


Socks For Dennis
Skein, Top Drawer Sock, “Savannah”

Stonecutter by Michele WangQuince & Co., Lark, "Damson" 
  • Co-Hosting a Stonecutter KAL with the Fawn Knits Podcast
  • Triple-dip for prizes by joining Junk Yarn's Cable-a-long KAL

I'm Giving up on the 34th & 8th Mittens for Dennis. The pattern is sized for an average woman's hands, only. So, I cast on using a US 2 needle (one size larger than the pattern calls for) hoping to get a slightly larger gauge. Unfortunately, it was knitting up a smidge too large. So I frogged it and cast on using US 1s ... but at that point, I had lost steam. Nothing to do with the pattern ... I'm just realizing that I'm not a huge fan of knitting with Brooklyn Tweed Yarns. The hand isn't my favorite, and I don't like that the fiber it's so fragile.

I know I promised myself to lay off the sock-knitting in 2016 ... but I was watching Lara from the Fawn Knits podcast, who is knitting a pair of socks using Gynx Yarns Gingerbread House ... with contrasting heels and toes. I happen to have the same skein and really want to cast on a pair. In fact, Dani (Little Bobbins) and Isabelle (Fluffy Fibers) are both knitting socks with contrasting heels ... and I want in on the fun!

Count Down to Winter (Featherweight Cardigan) KAL 
I will be closing the Ravelry thread December 22nd and will announce prize winners in the folloiwng podcast episode.


Enisa (aka KittyLovesBlue on Ravelry) sent me a lovely holiday package.
She also has the LunaBear Likes Yarn podcast.

I've also been taking part in some "Woolpiggery", as Jennie from the Tiny Paper Foxes podcast likes to call it. For some reason, during the holidays I think its OK for me to go a little crazy and buy more yarn and fiber. The stuff I ordered online is still in transit, but I should have lots of shiny new things to share with you next week.


Fancy Cop-Winding Tutorial (via


TatieStars on Ravelry asks ...

Hi Kristin,

I’d love to hear more about how you got into sewing and what you’d consider “starter supplies.” I have a sewing machine and have attempted a few projects, but then so much time goes by I forget how to use it. I want to get started and not be intimidated for once!

(I answer this question in Episode 172)

ALSO -- I think I’ve heard you mention a few times that you drink wine! What is your favorite or go-to wine? I’m a big wine drinker and always looking to try new ones.

A: I'm a huge fan of white wines, especially Sauvignon Blanc the dryer the better! When it comes to red wine, I love Malbec and Syrah, which can be spicy, and smokey.



Trunk Show at Gauge + TensionSaturday, Dec. 12 — Sunday, Dec. 13, 2015

The last update of 2015 will be Monday, December 21st.

Thanksgiving / Philly Recap
Mütter Museum
The Barnes Foundation

The Smitten Kitchen - Apple Cranberry Crisp recipe

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bonus Episode: How I Knit and Purl

Thanksgiving is this week and unfortunately, I won't have time to record a full episode. But I thought I'd share a quick video of how I knit and purl, since many of you have been asking.

In the video, I'm knitting with worsted weight yarn, which can be a little fiddly for me. Honestly, I think I'm quicker, (and a little more graceful) with fingering. ;)


What yarn am I using?
Gynx Yarns, Merino Worsted, "Fantasy"

What pattern am I knitting?
Barley Hat by Tincan Knits (free)

Monday, November 23, 2015

Recipe: Crockpot Chicken Chipotlé Molé

It's been a while since I posted a recipe on here, so I thought I'd reboot this segment with a dish I improvised in my trusty crock-pot. Please bear in mind, this dish is quite spicy. If you want a little less kick, add only half the can of chipotlé sauce ... or simply omit that ingredient altogether.

  • 4 Chicken breasts, frozen or unfrozen (may substitute with tofu, seitan, or temphe)
  • 1 medium red bell pepper, sliced/chopped
  • 1 medium yellow onion, chopped
  • White hominy, 15 oz can
  • Chicken stock, 15 oz can
  • La Morena chipotlé sauce, 7oz can
  • Molé paste, 1/2,  8.25 oz jar. (I used Doña Maria)
  • Corn starch, 2-3 Tbsp
  • White vinegar, generous splash

Directions: Add pepper, onion, hominy, and chicken to crock-pot.  Combine chicken stock, chipotlé sauce, molé paste, corn starch, and vinegar in a separate bowl – mix thoroughly. Pour sauce mixture into crockpot. Cover lid and cook on high for 3-4 hours.

Serve over rice and garnish with cilantro. Enjoy!

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