8:21:00 PM

Hurray! Pasha is finished! My mom will get a birthday present after all!
It's the hat pattern I mentioned in the last Podcast, by Jane Richmond. I knit it out of Knit Picks new line, Capra DK in Platinum colorway.

85% Merino and 15% Cashmere... I have to say the skein itself is soft, but when you finish knitting and blocking, it's becomes even softer! I can't stop petting it... I feel like sewing googly eyes onto it and calling it Muffy... seriously! :P
I'm just going to have to order more and knit one up for myself! ;-) My only gripe... (of course there's a gripe!) I'm not super crazy about the colors available. All bold solids... might be nice for autumn, but I'm such a heather snob! *sigh* End rant.

In other news... a very knitterly and productive week! Almost done knitting the first sleeve of Dennis' sweater!

But no more details until the next podcast! ;-)

~ Kristin

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  1. that is soooo nice. can't wait to hear the next podcast! ;o)

  2. It looks so good on you, I bet it will be hard to give it up! I've been thinking about that yarn and eyeing it for a cabled scarf. Regarding heathers vs. solids, I'm with you. Solids seem so boring!

  3. Thanks guys! Yes... will be VERY hard to give it up! But hey, gives me an excuse to order more yarn! :P

  4. Lovely! I just started knitting the Pasha hat. What's the point in blocking?