Bring on the Geese!

8:22:00 PM

I completely forgot about this video I took at Rhinebeck! It was part of the sheep dog competition-- They gave the sheep a break and brought in the geese! Too cute not to share. :)

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  1. I love it! Thanks for posting this - I missed all the herding. :( I went by myself and I guess I wasn't paying attention because I missed all the Ravelry meet-ups too. So sad!!

  2. Sure they're geese? Maybe it's a different type from the pet goose we used to have, they look like ducks to me. But I need to get my eyesight tested AND they're still the most adorable herding exercise I've seen in a long time! Cuuuuuuute! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Duck, duck, gooses, geeses... Truth be told, I am no bird expert. All I know is that they're feathery and utterly adorable! ;)