Rhinebeck 2010

11:20:00 AM

Had a great time at Rhinebeck this year! Came home with LOADS of yarn... so much, at this point I'm excommunicated from the StashBustArmy! ;-) My parents met up with Dennis and I-- they don't knit, but they still enjoyed walking around, the animals, watching spinners, and fondling a few skeins. They even picked some yarn out and requested I knit something for them! ::Squee!:: So without further ado, I give you Photos from Rhinebeck 2010!

Dennis & My Dad

Sir Bah Rham Ewe... spelling is correct. He told me so. ;-)

Dame Chloe

Ribbon Lace my Mom picked out. I've never knit with this kind of thing, so It'll be interesting to see what I whip up.

Sir Bramble von Eaton

Intermisson: Shelter & Grandview Farm skeins wound.

Impressions: Incredibly soft wool!

Malabrigo Lace in Bobby Blue

Pure Alpaca - DK weight yarn my dad picked out for me to knit him a sweater... this is going to take a while.

Since I had the swift out, I decided to wind Brooklyn Tweed Shelter and GrandView Farm skeins as well. I think the 2 make a great combo... if only I had more, I'd consider making a sweater out of them!

Pumpkin Carver

Lord Cashmere III... thrice removed.

Miss Buffy

Dame Edweena & Co.


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  1. Great pics! (& great yarn!) Next year we have to plan better.

  2. Oh your planning was right on... the traffic on the way up was just terrible.

  3. Looks wonderful. And what a lot of great yarn. I thought the point of stashbusting was to make room for more new yarn - not never getting new yarn - don't feel guilty!
    For some reason I can only comment if I use my Google account (because I'm selfhosting my blog..)
    ~ MariaDenmark

  4. Awesome pictures! Looks lovely and like great fun. Wish I could go to something like this!

  5. LOVE! I'm so envious of all the Rhinebeck reports! It looks like an incredible time! Maybe next year... :-D I can't wait to see all the projects yeilded from your acquisitions!

  6. Thanks for the photo love! Was my 2nd time Rhinebeck... I highly recommend making the trip!