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It's been an relatively-- how should I put this?... Interesting Knitcation?
It's amazing how time flies the older you get. At 27, there aren't enough hours in a day anymore! Where oh where does the time go? And to think I spent most of that time knitting socks! S.O.C.K.S! Socks SOCKS! -- The one knitted garment I avoided like the plague! Now it seems I can't get enough of them.

Maybe it was the post Rhinebeck yarn overload, or stressing over a few incorrect rows on my Orchid Thief Shawl (Which is still only a few rows short of being cast off!), or that I had a skein of yarn I was crazy about but didn't know what else to knit with it.

For whatever reason, there was something about knitting a sock that appealed to me at the moment. I didn't even want to knit a fancy sock, with cables or lace.... just a plain, vanilla sock. So I cast on, and after I got past the k2, p2 ribbing, and an inch into plain stockinette, I couldn't stop watching this thing grow. The colors were knitting up so nicely, and then I got to the heel, knit that up and turned it I was sold! At that moment, I gained total and utter respect for feet. They have a bizarre yet magnificent shape-- as smelly as they sometimes are.

Kitchener Stitch
I feel like I've betrayed the non-sock-knitters sect. You must think I've joined the dark side, never to return! It would appear that way, since I've ordered a few skeins of sock yarn, and a sock blocker (1 because when I placed the order, I thought they came in pairs! Oops.) I've also promised Dennis a pair, and carry my current SIP (sock in progress) with me wherever I go-- though I haven't pulled it out of my purse to knit on at any given time. I just find it kind of comforting. Please don't hate me. I sense after a few more pairs, it'll wear off and I can get back to my love of sweaters, cardigans, mittens and the occasional hat.

I look at sock-knitting much differently now. What I once thought to be a complete waste of time, and shame to have all that work and pretty yarn, stuffed into a boot -- I now realize it's more about the process: The tube, the ankle, the heel, another tube and fin. Together, with the colors, it's incredibly relaxing to do and watch... not to mention, nice to have something I can just pull out wherever and have something to do with my hands. Otherwise, I'm incredibly fidgety. Another reason to lay off the Diet Coke?

Sock Blocker ala

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  1. They are lovely and such great yarn. What pattern is it you used, would like to try it never having dabbled in socks before.

  2. Thank you! The pattern is an amalgam of Knitmore Girl's Vanilla Socks and The Yarn Harlots sock pattern from her book "Knitting Rules"...

    I found the KG's pattern (which says CO 56 st) to be a bit too narrow, so I cast on 60 stitches, and used the Yarn Harlot's Heel instructions.

    US 1 needles
    Fingering weight sock yarn

    They fit me perfectly! :)

  3. Reading your post makes me want to knit socks. I've never knitted any yet but have been itching to start. I even bought some sock yarn & now looking at your great looking pair maybe now I will take the plunge (or "cuff") & go for it!

  4. Glad to see you're knitting socks and even more glad to see you're enjoying it! Next we'll have to do a sock knit along.

  5. For a long time I also avoided the sock side... and now I always have a pair on the needles somewhere. Perfect purse knitting, and I have been converted to wearing them, so COMFORTABLE. I've even acquired some clunky mary janes which show them off ;)

  6. I use to feel the same way, but now I get on kicks where I just NEED to knit a ton of socks. And I knit 5 1/2 socks and then I don't knit socks again for 8 months. Sometimes you just need to knit a ton of socks!

  7. I never understood why people would waste their time knitting socks either, and then I knit a pair. Now I try to make sure that one of the multiple projects I have going is a pair of socks. I think they are just the nicest little luxury item, and not only do I like knitting them, I love wearing them. One day I will have a sock drawer full of nothing but hand knit socks (if only I could stop giving them away as gifts!).

    I just started listening to your podcast, love it! I need to join the Stash Bust Army :o)

  8. Yay, sock KAL! And your socks look lovely!

  9. Hi krisin
    I agree with marné: The best thing about knitted socks is wearing them - it's the best thing!!
    Oh,also I finally got to listen to the latest episode - and I just wanted to let you know that the volume was lower than usual.
    I still loved the show - but I couldn't hear it in the car - had to wait until I got home..

    ¨ Mariadenmark

  10. Welcome to the darkside :) Hope you like it here.