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8:56:00 AM

It seems I've been on a break from the world of social networking... I must admit, I've been a busy bee and it's hard to keep up!

To top things off, next week we're going to Maine! I've never been-- Dennis has, a few times and is really excited to take me. All I know about the place is that blueberries are in season and the weather is supposed in the 60s (ºF)-- a nice break from this insane New York heatwave we've been having! Not to mention, after the last several weeks, a vacation is definitely in order. I can't wait!

Greenpoint, Brooklyn
In lieu of the anticipated temperature drop, I've been inspired to knit a sweater. At last! My knitting mojo has kicked back into gear. Phew! Full force actually... I some how got it into my head that I can knit one in under a week! (worsted weight, US 5 needles) Pppffft! Tell me... have I lost the plot? ;)
Which pattern, you ask? Well, in addition to getting my knitting mojo back, I've been bitten by the design bug... again! While perusing Ravelry for ideas, I found a few yummy Norwegian pullovers. (clearly, I'm in love with stranded knitting!) To my surprise, DROPS has many free patterns in this genre! Like these:

I was going to take this opportunity to conquer my fear of steeking, but I realized a yoke sweater was more my style. And no, I'm not making up excuses. One day I will tackle steeking!

If you remember, I bought 2 skeins of Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool, one in a natural shade and one in this heathery chocolate brown. I had intended on using it for a stranded knitting project but I didn't know what, until now. So watch this space for more on this. ;)

Cladonia Blocking
And I finally finally finished Cladonia! The lace border took a few tries-- I had been reading the chart right to left for both the RS and WS... when I should have been reading it right to left on the RS, left to right on the WS. Silly me! In the end, it was all worth it. Dare I say I can't wait until it gets cold enough to wear it? Frog Tree alpaca is so soft and so warm... makes me want to knit an entire sweater with it. Who knows, I just might!

Cladonia Shawl
In other news, I've been getting really into this photography thing.-- lomography, specifically. I'm infatuated, mesmerized by the dreamy quality of the photos it produces. I splurged on a DSLR adapter, which let's you mount a Diana lens (which is made entirely of plastic) so it creates this very nice, welcomed blur. The camera is a hand-me-down from my mom, a Canon EOS 20D. It's been collecting dust on my shelf for eons! I never learned how to really use it, and stopped taking it with me places because it's quite heavy. However, ever since I put the Diana Lens on it, I've been taking it out more and because it's all manual, it forced me to learn quite a bit.

The Manhattan Bridge
OK, as for the podcast, (If you're wondering...) it's on hold at the moment. Not to disappoint, but I haven't felt very podcasty lately. Maybe this is part of my new "keep it simple, stupid" approach to things... but you see, talking is not one of my strong points-- I'm better at doing more and saying less. I wish there was a happy balance to this, but that's just the way I enjoy working. Despite this, I'm continually awed by the community that has formed around YarnGasm and thankful to listeners who keep coming back for more. I'm not saying there won't be another podcast... but I can't promise one on a regular basis. I can, however, promise a blog entries filled with knitty adventures, yummy photos of yarn, WIPs and other photographic exploits!...And perhaps a few tutorials. I may put the microphone down, but I will never put my knitting needles down!

Statue, Rockefeller Center, New York City

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  1. Oooh no - I shall miss the regular shows, but do understand where you are coming from. You have to do what is right for you. I love reading your blog (I always read it even if I don't comment - I am a bit of a lurker). A break from social networking has got to be a good thing, I am certain!
    Take care


  2. Oh your shawl is lovely. Every FO I see brings me one step closer to casting on this pattern - such a great combination of stripes and lace!

  3. Martine-- thank you so much...I'm so glad you understand. And please, lurk away! :)

    Mooncalf -- thanks! I love how neutral and bold bright colors compliment each other... it makes a fun color I normally wouldn't wear more wearable! Hehe

  4. aw - i'm so sad you won't be doing regular podcasts but like Martine totally understand where you're coming from - you need to enjoy doing these things and not let them become a chore - they are our hobbies after all.
    i'll be reading your blog - that shawl is beautiful - off to put it in my queue!

  5. Will definitely miss your podcast but look forward to reading your blog. Glad to hear your knitting mojo is back!