Separated at Birth: Cladonia & Dream Stripes

6:17:00 PM

My Version of Cladonia by Kirsten Kapur
Cladonia by Kirsten Kapur is easily one of my favorite projects! The pattern was so well written, which made the process more than enjoyable!-- Not to mention, I'm in love with the product! However, if you'd like a more budget friendly version, have a look at Dream Stripes by Cailliau Berangere. While it's less "festive", adding a simple looped picot bind off is easily attainable. has oodles of tutorials for this technique!
Dream Stripes by Cailliau Berangere, ©lilofil

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  1. Good point. Especially if you added that little purl-row-yos-and-k2togs-purl-row edging to the stripy section. Separated at birth!

  2. I will definitely be casting this on...maybe tonight! thank you for this budget-friendly find!

  3. You're so welcome! Glad you are all enjoying this new "column"-- which it seems to be developing into!