YarnGasm: Episode 29 - Rhinebeck 2011

7:48:00 AM

Me and Maria of the Subway Knits Podcastt
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Costume Change into my Neep Heid!
 On The Needles
I recently cast on the Velynda Cardigan by Bonne Marie Burns (aka The Green Sweater)
I also cast on a pair of Simple Skyp Socks by Adrienne Ku -- like Skype, without the "E!"
Simple Skyp Socks

Flannery Socks
Off the Needles
I finally cast off my Flannery Socks (By SpillyJane) on a trip to and from Finger Lake Cayuga!

More Rhinebeck Photos

Rav Flare

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  1. Rhinebeck always looks so fun! I don't think we have anything similar near London (or not that I know of). Only one skein of yarn purchased though? shocking!!!

    I really enjoy the podcasts - they're really fun and inspirational with the stash busting patterns :)

  2. Hi Nat! Thanks so much! Glad you're enjoying the show.
    Yeah! Just ONE skein! Blasphemy! Right?! Otherwise, Rhinebeck is a great excuse to visit the U.S. and experience New York in the fall! I highly recommend it! ;D
    I've been dying to visit London for Knit Nation!

  3. We actually visited New York back in April and loved it. Sadly I hadn't got into knitting then, so I didn't look for yarn shops or visit the Rhinebeck area. Must plan a visit again! I love cities in Autumn!

    Ah Knit Nation! I missed it this year, must go next year. Hope you get a chance to!