Episode 31: Knit Nooks

12:03:00 PM

Escaping the NYC Marathon at Brooklyn General with (from left) Ria, Yours Truly, Maria, Sharon and Susie

Last weekend I got to sit and knit with some of my favorite knitting peeps:  @RiaKnits, @VenusFueri, @StitchMistress and @KnittingKnoobie at the one and only Brooklyn General! Lots of knitting, laughing, chatting and cookie-eating! All-around great time! I confess I enabled @StitchMistress into getting the same skein of Malabrigo Lace in Frank Ocre! However we agreed to start a KAL and are going to knit the Echo Flowers shawl, a free pattern you can download on Ravelry! All are welcome to join :)

I'm excited to announce my new knitting blog, KnitNook.net!-- a blog where I post about knitting patterns, products, handmade goodies, among many other things! However, my goal is to make it a place for you to come for inspiration for making your own knitting nook functional and unique! Having a personal space to knit and store my yarn is essential, and I'm sure many of you feel the same way... which is also why I'd like to include more interviews with other knitters-- not only to bring attention to their craft, but to inspire other knitters; whether it has to do with podcasting, spinning, dying or blogging.

That being said, if you have a knit nook that you are proud of and want to share a few photos of it, or ideas... or  are a knitting podcaster, pattern designer, spinner, or indie dyer and are interested in being featured, interviewed, guest blogging or would like to advertise with KnitNook, I'd love to hear from you! Please contact me by e-mailing me at Voolenvine@gmail.com.
YarnGasm 31: Knit Nooks
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This week decided to take a 'Knitcation,' in which I learned to respect and master the art of slow-cooking. First up, Chicken Vindaloo!-- turned out amazing! I also mentioned A Year of Slow-Cooking, which has 365 Crock-pot recipes!

On the Needles
On the needles, I'm still working on my Daybreak shawl by Stephen West... I was about to cast off last weekend, when I ran out of yarn. Had to order more and hoping to cast off this weekend. I've also been working on my Velynda Cardigan by Bonne Marie Burns, which I'm convinced I will not have enough yarn to finish either, and Knit Picks won't restock their Grass Green colorway until December... temper-tantrum ensues.

I also managed to get a song by the Courtney Love's band Hole stuck in my head called "Jennifer's Body"... except I replace "Jennifer" with "Velynda".

StashBustArmy Patterns
Brickletown Mitts by BlueBeeStudios

Brickletown Fingerless Mitts, $5.00 / Fingering
Carlina, $4.00 / Fingering
Zig-Zag Mittens, Free / Worsted

Sheep Heid Beret, $4.00 / Fingering
Pine Forest Baby Blanket, Free / Worsted
Moises Baby Blanket
, Free / Worsted 

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  1. Is that the green sweater you were working on this weekend? You got so much done!

  2. Yes, but I spoke too soon... a little pattern direction that always gets me... "Knit raglan decreases... yada yada... AT THE SAME TIME"-- had to frog back... thankfully only an inch. ;)

  3. Echo flower is such a pretty shawl! When does the KAL start?

  4. A lot of people are selling Grass from their stashes (great double entendre, don't you think?); no reason to wait for Knitpicks to restock.

  5. Love, love, love the way the cardigan is coming along! I would have totally chosen green for myself. Can't wait till it's finished!

  6. Thanks so much! Almost done with the neckline... but I think I may have to rip back a few rows. The stitch count doesn't match up. :-/