Sunday, December 11, 2011

Comfort Food / Knitting

I think it's safe to say my holiday shopping is complete! I know I vowed only to shop online but incidentally, I found most of the gifts on my lunch break! Also, you'll be pleased to hear (or shocked) that I haven't cast on a single knitted gift! I think I've done my fair share of KFO these past few months. I'm ready for some selfish knitting!

Although, my grandmother did ask me (ever so sweetly) to knit her a hat to match her Hanging Garden Stole. I ran out of the Woolen Rabbit yarn I used for it, but the Black Forrest Worsted Malabrigo I used to knit my nephew's Baby Sophisticate cardigan is a very close match! A worsted-weight hat? Now that I can do!

In other news, I'm a very bad KAL buddy, taking my sweet time making progress on my Echo Flowers shawl, while StitchMistress has officially finished hers! (And it's GORGEOUS!) I'm following in her footsteps and using beads instead of nupps, and I just love the way it's turning out. I just wish I had the right mindset to put more umph! into it.

I have to say, this past week has been a crazy one, between the holidays, work, mortgage stuff and that very special time of the month that graces most women, I'm fried! I spent most of this weekend catching up on and listening to new podcasts (like Fluffy Fibers and The Pagan Knitter-- she did an excellent interview with Jane Richmond!) while putting a dent in my Velynda cardigan's sleeve. I'm down to my last skein of wool and definitely going to need another... or two. The vicious KP cycle continues!
I was also craving comfort food and decided to try a new crock pot recipe I found on Shredded Chipotle Chicken!  Except I used 2 skinless chicken halves. (Apologies in advance to vegetarians) What I really love about my crock pot is the way it cooks meat! I love how when it's ready to eat, it either falls right off the bone or flakes away like a fillet of fish. Anyway, I highly recommend this recipe. It's so incredibly easy.

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  1. Hello!
    I was recommended your podcast by a twitter friend recently, in my quest to find new podcasts to listen to, because Canadian netflix is horrible. Anyway, I haven't listened to an episode yet, but I decided to take a look at your blog. I love it! I went all the way back to the first post and read all the way through to this one.
    I've been knitting for about half my life, and I've yet to do anything more complicated than Stephen West's "Boneyard". I need mindless knitting! But I think your blog has given me the necessary kick in the pants to try something more complicated. I have a few things that I've seen on Ravelry that I'd like to knit, so I will hopefully choose one of those in the near future.
    In any case, happy knitting, and I can't wait to read more!
    Knit, Nicole, Knit!