Goldilocks Syndrome

6:13:00 PM

This one's a little too big...
Happy Holidays! I hope everyone is staying warm and having a lovely time with family and friends!
I'm back out from under my Yule log with lots of knitty updates! Some good... some not so good. So, let's get the 'not so good' out of the way, shall we?
... and this one's waaay too small...

First up, two weekends ago, I decided to put some elbow grease into my Echo Flowers Shawl. (I've been a slacker KAL buddy and @StitchMistress definitely gave me a metaphorical kick in the tookus when she finished hers!)

Long story short, I totally ignored the fact that there were center stitches and ended up with HALF a triangle!  ::head / desk::head / desk::head / desk::head / desk::  
How does something like this happen, you ask? Well, between the way my brain works and the way the pattern was written, I didn't realize the border charts 1, 2 and 3 were to be knit consecutively across each row! Also, my stitches were matching up so there were no red flags hinting that something was off... so I kept going.
No doubt, I'm super disappointed. But I'm not giving up! Will revisit this pattern in 2012!

On a happier note, I finished my Velynda Cardigan!  Overall, it was a very well-written and enjoyable pattern... However, my only gripe is that I wish Bonne Marie Burns had calculated instructions for a size 32. If I'm lucky, I can get away with a 34... this time, not so much. Regardless, I still like the way it turned out and will be great for layering. (Let's not even talk about the dye lot difference.)

To top things off, I was able to finish my Grandmother's Butterfly Hat just in time for Christmas! Yeah, I know... I vowed no knitted holiday gifts this year, but she asked so sweetly and after all, it's a hat we're talking about! I couldn't say "no!"
Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of her wearing it because she just had her hair done. So here's me! ;)

And this one fits juuust right!
It's the same Malabrigo worsted 'Black Forest' I used to knit my nephew's cardigan and just barely had enough to finish this. So, how's that for stash-busting?

As for YarnGasm, I will be whipping up something shortly! #StayTuned

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  1. I love love love the cardigan! It looks great on you. I can see what you mean about the sizing, but it looks cozy and comfy. Great job Kristin!

  2. I so get what you mean about sizing. And even if things go small enough, they're usually too short on me, so I have to mess with them anyway.

    Best wishes to you and yours for 2012!

  3. I made the Velynda also and ended up ripping the whole thing out because it fit so poorly. Everything was going well and I was loving it until I got to the yoke. The top was too droopy and did not fit well at all. (I made a larger size than you did)