Vogue Knitting Live 2012

8:02:00 AM

Yesterday, I went to Vogue Knitting LIVE! in Manhattan.  I had never been, so I was pretty excited to find out what was in store! I didn't sign up for any classes or lectures... If anything, I would have liked to take a spinning glass, but they weren't offering any, and nothing else on the schedule really jumped out at me.  So, I just got a marketplace pass. 

Unlike Rhinebeck, there weren't many indie dyers (not to mention, no livestock!)-- mainly yarn shops from all over the map... There were, however lots of interesting fibers like bison, possum... and for whatever reason fun fur and other novelty yarns. I'm blanking on the name, but Maria (from the Subway Knits Podcast) bought two contrasting yummy skeins of possum-- can't wait to see what she knits up with it. I also ran into Kaystarr from CraftStash, who is super nice!-- Caught her ogling and fondling yarn over at the Woolbearer's booth.

As if the day couldn't get any better, I had another Ysolda Teague sighting! -- and yes, I still behaved like a raving fangirl lunatic... All I could do was gush over her new Narwhal Mittens from her new book Whimsical Little Knits 3 and say... "I love narwhals!"... to which she replid, "I do too!" ::face/palm:: Granted, I was still waking up. I'm sure Maria could tell since I was a few decibels short of a human voice.

Overall, it was a great time. I'm not sure I'd go back next year-- if only, to hang out with knitty peeps and if there's a class or lecture that strikes my fancy. I didn't go too crazy in the market place. I came away with a gorgeous skein of Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock yarn in the Ryan colorway, a delicious tube of lanolin honey lip balm from the Long Island Livestock Company and of course, a copy of Vogue Knitting's latest issue.

In other news, I finished Cakewalk sock and cast on a second. Me and the Mister are driving down to Philly today to visit our niece and nephew so I'll have plenty of time to put a dent in that one. I'm absolutely LOVING the way it's knitting up! Very tempted to order another skein!

Speaking of tempting, I want to thank everyone who entered the Gynx Yarns giveaway and for your wonderful comments! I wanted to reply individually, but I don't want to throw off the entry count. Hopefully I'll get to publish a new episode this week and announce a winner!

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  1. That's great to hear from someone who has been to Knitting Live. I would love to go, but I would have to be sure it was worth the trip across the country. Not to be blasphemous, but to think of all the other things I could do with the cost of the tickets. Manhattan is a big town with many great things to see. ;) Glad you were able to go though! The socks look lovely!

  2. Thanks so much! Agreed. Definitely not worth a cross-country trip... and $25 could buy you some very nice yarn. However, being that it's an event that happens literally in my own backyard I couldn't justify not checking it out just this once! ;-)

  3. Wasn't the marketplace overwhelming? I actually enjoyed breaking up the day with a lecture or two! But a couple of them left me wanting more... Novelty yarns galore, though, right? It seems like we both found the same gems, though!

  4. Did the tickets really only cost you $25??? I thought they were much more expensive. haha! Wow--I sounded super cheap! ;)