Episode 38: Experimenting with Vid Casting!

7:02:00 AM

This week I experiment with video podcasting!
Watch Here:
(Note: This was really from last Monday, but was having issues uploading video)

On the Needles:

New Yarn:

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  1. Glad you like the yarn! I agree; I think it wants to be a shawl.

    I enjoyed watching your video podcast! I still like audio podcasts for times when I want to listen to something while I'm doing something else, but it's fun to see you show what you're talking about to the camera.

    Kudos to you... I am so camera shy (and microphone shy...) but you seemed very comfortable!

  2. I liked your video podcast! I'm with Gynx too...audio podcasts are great but maybe a video now and then too.

    Your owl sweater looks great by the way.

  3. Thanks Guys!
    I know what you mean... But I had to give the video podcasting a whirl. Maybe I'll save the video podcasts for when I'm due for a new episode, but don't want to edit ;)

  4. I loved the video podcast. I enjoy the visuals on the yarn aquistions and wips as well as FOs.

  5. Loved the video cast! Soo fun to see your gorgeous projects and lovely yarn. My vote would be for more video podcasts! Thanks so much...

  6. I've been completely obsessed with video podcasts lately as well ~ I LOVE that you can show and tell during the show - it makes sense with knitting, right?! I love the video podcast this week and look forward to more!!!!