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Assateague Lighthouse

For Memorial Day weekend, me and Dennis went back to Chincoteague... an island off the coast of Virginia. (Some knitters might recall it as a pattern featured in Interweave Knits, Weekend 2010... but I digress) Actually, it's known for it's National Seashore, where wild ponies are free to roam!

Dennis had already been a few times with his family, and once before with me... about two years ago! The decision to go back was a pretty spontaneous, and last minute. We had originally wanted to go to the Cape, but the south promised warmer weather and (twist my arm) ponies! So that Friday after work, we packed our bags and were off. We didn't get there until about 2am! Needless today, we slept in that morning.

Color Affection, Dream in Color Smooshy
As for knitting, I packed my Pomme de pin cardigan, vanilla socks and Color Affection Shawl. As it turns out, I knit on my Color Affection Shawl for most of the vacation. I just couldn't put the thing down! It's so addicting, watching all the colorful stripes grow!

I'm at the point where I've reached the 'black hole' of the shawl... endless miles of garter stitch. But I'm still enjoying it. Almost done with the 3-color stripe section... a few more rows and I can move on to the edging!

Chincoteague Island, Morning View From Our Hotel
Chincoteague Island, Sunset From Our Hotel
One of my favorite parts of the trip was being able to wake up early, sit out on our hotel balcony and knit for 3 hours straight (or until Dennis woke up)... The view was incredible and just relaxing to watch the local birds (mallards, snowy egrets and ravens)  going about their business... now I'm just waxing poetic!

Anyway- I also took the opportunity to photograph my Harmony on the Rocks Shawl... here, you can see what the color really looks like! 

Overall, it was a great get-away. I'm kind of considering this our first anniversary vacation-- even though June 5th is the actual date. I seriously can't believe it's already been a yearn since me and Dennis were married! I've heard time flies with this stuff and it's so true! Since then, so much exciting stuff has happened:
  • Our nephew, Ezra
  • New apartment
  • Our cat, Bella
  • New jobs
  • New computer (Thanks to knocking glass of wine all over my old one's keyboard!) 
Amazing who much can happen in just one year. OK, enough of the sap. Without further ado, I give you.... MORE PONIES!

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  1. Wow. I haven't thought about Chincoteague since I was a kid. Last time was reading this book:

    Neat to realize that it is a real place..and just as magical in person.

    Happy 5th Anniversary.

  2. I used to like horses. Then one bit my finger when I was in the first grade and my doctor had to burn a hole through my fingernail to relieve the pressure. Now I'm all sorts of meh about them.

    Love how your Color Affection is working up! And what I gorgeous place for a vacation. Sitting on a balcony knitting in the early morning sounds like my idea of perfect.

  3. -- Not surprisingly, they pitch that book ('Misty of Chincoteague') pretty shamelessly at all the tourists. One souvenir shop had even printed (in HUGE letters) on their awning, 'Misty Book $3!!!'
    Thank you so much for the anni-wishes! It's actually our 1st... the date was 6/5 ;)

    HelloKnitty -- That is awful! I'm so sorry that bad-apple of a horse ruined your opinion of the entire species :(
    I still have a scar on my hand from when a cat scratched me, when I was little... I've never been fond of them since... until my hubs got me to warm back up to them again. OK, not as severe as your situation, but I can totally relate.

  4. Misty of Chincoteague was one of my favorite books when I was a kid. I knew it was a real place and pined to go there and see the wild horses. Your photos make it look lovely and have reignited my desire to go. Maybe a new vacation spot for this year?? Thanks! - Alex (