Yarn & Prejudice

8:18:00 PM

It's been a while since I had one of those "ah-ha!" moments in knitting-- especially now, since most of my projects involve miles of stockinette. It's great when these little surprises sort of sneak up on you.

A recent post by Jane Richmond enabled inspired me to order some KnitPicks (self-striping) Felici. OK, I never had the urge to knit with self-striping yarn ... In fact, I was quite prejudice in thinking that it was for the knitter who was too lazy to switch colors (Yeah, I know. I'm AWFUL)!

NOW, I understand that it's not about being lazy. Of course,  it's all about color love! One look at Jane's socks and I was convinced that I needed to knit a pair myself.

So onto KnitPicks.com I went. Luckily, they were having a sale and helped myself to two skeins of Felici in their Building Blocks colorway.

I also noticed Jane opted for a 'short-row' heel-- which makes for a clean transition between stripes. Confession: I have never attempted a short-row heel. While I could have just gone my usual heel route (heel-flap, heel turn) I decided to learn something new!

To my surprise, hunting down a straight-forward, clear tutorial on how to knit short-row heels is tough!

Luckily I stumbled on a brilliant blog post by Eskimimi! She explains everything step-by-step, including photos. Of course, there were moments where I was totally, "huh?!"-- but that's when I turned to Cookie A.'s  Sock Innovation. I found myself referring back and forth between web site and book in order to grasp the full concept.

So, what is my opinion of short row heels? 

I still need practice, but I like them! ... Love them? ... Not sure. I would like to knit a few more pairs before I come to that consensus ... And knit more, I shall!

As for self-striping yarn?

I can hop on that band-wagon. It makes knitting vanilla socks FLY, because you just can't wait to get to the next color.


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  1. Self-striping sock yarn makes me think of one thing: knee highs!

  2. Oooh you enabler you... guess who's just looked up Knit Picks self striping yarn online (that would be me then!!)

    I hope things are well with you Kristin - I am still loving your postcasts (and your cat!!)

    Martine x

  3. You're brave & persistent. I remember my first short row heel. It turned into a heel flap but my second one made the cut a couple of years later.

  4. HelloKnitty - Hah! Totally! I have yet to knit knee-highs ... however, I think they'd have to be a cabled pair.

    Martine - My job is done! ;) Doesn't KP have some really fun colors??? Thanks so much. Sorry, I've been so MIA. It's been a bit hectic these past several months so I've been on podcast listener / blog reader lurker mode, for the most part. Trying to catch up and be more Tweetsome. Of course, I still love your show!!!

    Susie - hehe, I feel like that was the case with my first pair of socks! One thing I forgot to mention was that while my WS wraps turned out perfect, my RS wraps turned out a bit messy. So, yup... these things take time. :)

  5. Hee hee - bless you Kristin. I am the same... lurking and rarely commenting :-) Just off to buy Knit Picks right now! :-)

  6. Super post. You know, a great advantage of short row heels is that they are relatively easy to replace.

  7. Martine - Woohoo! What colors? I'm sure I'll find out soon enough ;)

    Jenneke - Thanks! That's good to know. I'm sure the same goes for short-row heels-- another technique I must tackle! lol

  8. Love the socks and love self-striping yarn. This is a terrible comparison, but it's kind of like this new toilet cleaner I got. The one you step on and it cleans the bowl. I'm certainly not too lazy to get down and dirty with the toilet bowl, but it's nice knowing that I don't always have to. ;)

  9. I love self-stripping yarn, so addictive to knit socks with it! For a perfect heel, I just discovered Cat Bordhi's Sweet tomato heel (on youtube and ravelry) and I don't think I will ever use another kind of heel now... It's worth checking out!

  10. How funny - I just discovered the EXACT same thing about self-striping yarns and short row heels in that EXACT same yarn/colorway. I think my heel even landed on white (as its destiny is for my 9yr old son, this could be bad) as did yours. My other son is now clamoring for his own pair. Good thing it's addictive!