Deep Unrelenting Shades of Gray

9:13:00 PM

Over the weekend, I made a valiant effort to get my Hanging Garden Stole (Part Deux) started and put a major dent in my poor, neglected Pomme de Pin Cardigan.

I think I spent two hours Saturday morning, plowing through half of the first chart repeat. The chart is so tall, it literally feels like your brain is climbing a ladder, but it feels so great and rewarding once you reach the top. – Talk about a mental workout! :)

As for my Pomme de Pin Cardigan, I've been sticking to my theory of working on neglected UFOs for at least fifteen minutes a day. Well, it really did turn into a wee bit more than fifteen minutes. I'm almost done shaping the back, then it's onto the left and right front (small bits of knitting attached to the back). Sleeves-ville, here I come!

In other news:
Unfortunately, I missed out on another No Sheep 'Til Brooklyn gathering – @DaisyDeadPetal's knitting group in Greenpoint. I have a very sad track record of attending only ONE. I was all psyched and ready to go yesterday, until after me and the mister returned from a notoriously hot and humid bike ride — let's just say I suffered some kind of Victorian Era-esque fatigue. *sigh*

I also broke down and ordered more Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks That Rock, Lightweight. Apparently, I have no problem enabling myself. – What with all this progress I've made over the past few weeks, surely that calls for more yarn! Uy.

Here's the colorway rundown:
  • Blecker
  • The Green that Sings
  • Everyday Gray
  • Crabby McCrabbypants 
I don't have a clue about what I'm going to knit with these, but I have a few ideas (apparently eleven Ravelry queue pages worth!).

Okey dokes. It's Monday. Awesome.

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  1. I wish I could say I was working on such grand knitting, but I did the same thing this weekend had the post bike ride pass out from sheer exhaustion moment. I blame mine on the zyrtec I took before the ride, felt like I was slogging through sand the whole way.

  2. Wow, you ordered grey yarn? What a shock ;)

  3. Hi, I've been following yourpodcast for some time and I enjoy every minute of them :)
    I can't wait to see pica of the BMFA STR that you bought... Can't wait to be enabled!

  4. It is so hard not to buy Blue Moon!! Its even worse for me, my moms best friend works at Blue Moon. Talk about always wanting more. Looking forward to seeing the new colors!

  5. Amy: Don't say another word about Zyrtec. I took that stuff a few times ... Once, after I took it, I had to write something for work and I was so out of it — let's just say my boss got a kick out of my incomplete sentences.

    Hello Knitty: I'm sooooo original! hehe

    Thelostgeek: Thanks! Oh, will most certainly post pix ASAP! ;)

    Hot Pink Socks: LUUUCKY!!!! You poor thing. LOL, but I bet you get a sweet discount!