Episode 51: Runaway Cupcakes

6:44:00 PM

Today I'm home sick today. Boo! But I get to kicking this week's episode off with a better-quality camera. Hurray!... and runaway cupcakes! On the Needles:
Off the Needles: 

I knit 3 cupcakes for Carin's wedding  (of Round the Twist podcast) I did a modified version of WIP Insanity's free Dalek Cupcake pattern, only I used a picot edging for the frosting (k3 rows, *yo k2tog; repeat from * until end of row, k3 rows)


"Ancient Egypt in Lace and Color", by Anna Dalvi from Cooperative Press

This book has twelve lace shawl patterns inspired by the six colors used in Egyptian art: green, red, white, black, yellow, and blue.

What I love: 
- Historical overview
- Egyptian color meanings
- Gorgeous photos
- Wonderful layout 
- Something for everyone / lace patterns for beginner to more advanced
- I want to knit just about every pattern in the book

I can honestly say I love everything about this book of patterns. Check it out!

Available to download as a digital PDF via Ravelry or CooperativePress.com for $16.95 US. Digital + Print version retails for $26.95 US. 

I'm also smitten with @SweatShopofLove's new blog, Holla Knits!
Patterns I love include: New Girl Skirt by Allyson Dykhuizen and the Devon Cardigan by Karin. Kemper iKnit1Purl1.

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  1. Funny, you don't look sick.
    I don't usually have time to watch podcasts but I treated myself today. Thanks Martine of iMake. The cupcakes are drawing me in. I have to make one. But can you only make one? As a designer I love to see what the podcasters are all knitting. Shawls are still big I see.

  2. I was feeling pretty miserable earlier that day. What a difference a day of down-time makes! ;)

    Thanks so much for watching! Thought, I must warn you about the cupcakes ... make one, and you can't seem to stop! hehe

    I must check out some of your designs.