Episode 82: "Blabber Mouth"

6:32:00 AM

More Show Notes Soon!

Off The Needles: Rivercat Socks (Part Deux) / Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks That Rock, Lightweight in "Baby Zombie"

Rivercat Socks

Stash Booty:
Vintage patterns I've been oggling:
Bella enjoying the great outdoors

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  1. Though you might enjoy how this couple decorated their blank spaces on a couple of walls in their house! Scroll down to a few posts ago and they have two poss about updating their walls with some awesome geometric designs with the aid of a little tape an paint ;) enjoy!

    -Lindsey (DolledUpDNA)

  2. Hi Lindsey,

    Thanks SO much for the link — What a fab idea! :D
    Paint might be a little too permanent, but I'm thinking wall decals might be the way to go if I were to do something similar. (Am also liking their kitchen peg-board solution)
    Will definitely share with the mister!