Episode 86: Great Balls of Wool

5:33:00 PM

On the Needles: 

  • Vivian Cardigan: Knit Picks, Wool of the Andes Buly, "Wallaby"
  • Mixtape Vanilla socks: Knit Picks, Chroma Fingering, "Mixtape" (discontinued colorway)
  • Sirdar Vintage Pattern: Debbie Bliss, Rialto, Charcoal Grey 
  • Parade Socks: Gynx Yarn, Glitz Sock, "Aquarium"
  • Granny Square Blanket: Red Heart Yarn (link to free pattern, which I slightly improvised)

Making progress on my Vivian cardigan ...

... with a little help from my friend.
In Other News: 

I inherited a BOND Sweater Knitting Machine and three HUGE balls of hand-carded roving from my Mother-In-Law ... SPAKAL 2014, anyone?

I've just embarked on an exciting, collaborative project that I can't really talk about at the moment, but super psyched and honored to be a part of!

... Let's just say I'm back in the pattern design swing of things.

I anticipate it will be a fun, albeit nail biting, and educational experience. Regardless, I'm lucky to be working with some extraordinarily talented, lovely and fun fibery peeps. More on that later!

Last Cape Cod Trip of Summer 2013

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  1. Have you watched episode 4 of The Fiber Factor? They were required to use a knitting machine. No one did their entire project on the knitting machine, but they did some amazing things. It might give you some inspiration. The main advantage seems to be that you can plow through the stockinette and quickly get to the more interesting parts for the hand knitting.

  2. First time viewer here...I too don't like the taste of coffee and have an unfortunate love of diet coke! Anyway, enjoyed the episode and will keep watching :)

  3. Hello from Germany! ;)
    I am crocheting the exact same pattern myself at the moment. I am only doing three rows of alternating colours (navy, aqua and mustard yellow) and a fourth row in grey (the edging if you like). To save time and sewing I am using the "join as you go" method by attic24. You should check out her blog as her tutorials are REALLY good! I would say I learned how to crochet by reading her blog and following the tutorials. Only after some years of crocheting I came to knitting (and haven't stopped ever since). I know this startitis bug. I must have caught it myself. So many projects to finish...
    Keep doing what your doing! I really enjoy your vidcast and I am always looking forward to new episodes.
    "See" you next time, Henrike (pronounced Hen-ree-ka)