Episode 108: Queen of Gray

7:43:00 AM

On the Needles:
I realized it was time to learn how to knit a pair of toe-up socks. The cast on has always intimidated me but was finally driven to bite the bullet. Turns out, I really enjoy knitting them! Dare I say I'm a total convert? The Turkish cast on method is pure genius!!!

Here is the YouTube that helped me learn.
  • Ophidian Shawl / Voolenvine Yarns, Lush "Myth" colorway
  • Vanilla Socks / Voolenvine Yarns, Blitzed "Reflektor" colorway
  • Vanilla Toe-Up Socks / Voolenvine Yarns, BFL "Sealab" colorway
  • Daybreak Shawl / Gynx Yarns, single merino, "Gunmetal" & "Lavender Tea" colorways
  • Ranger Cardigan / Malabrigo Rios, "Coco" colorway 
  • Tempest Cardigan / Cephalopod Yarns, "Blue Lobster" & "Vampire Squid" colorways

I learned how to use my GhstWorks Phang spindle, and really like the way it works! Right now I'm spinning up some Fibery Tribbles (Obligatory Box of Chocolates) from the lovely GourmetStash. Yum!

Here are some helpful YouTube videos:

Yarn Booty:

I have acquired yet another skein of Gynx Yarns single merino in "Unsafe for Swimming". 

Shop Update: 
I have a new base coming to the shop! I haven't named it yet, but it's a blend of BFL, Nylon, and Supwerwash Merino! #StayTuned

PSA: Going forward, all custom orders will require me to charge an extra 10% fee. I am happy to fulfill custom orders, but I have to take into consideration that it affects the general flow of business, supplies, and creativity. 

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  1. May I first start by saying that I *love* your whole makeup here? Gorgeous lip colour, beautiful eye makeup, and love this nail polish!
    I've never knit socks yet but you've totally sold me on toe-up - thanks for explaining the whole process, it makes it look much less daunting. Hope you're having a great holiday!

    1. Thanks so much Isabelle!!! Lipstick is Laura Mercier in "Baby Lips" - It's a nice break from the bright red and goes with just about everything!

      I finished my first toe-up sock while I was away and really enjoyed the whole process - If you try it, let me know how it goes for you.

      The only thing I have to research is a stretchy bind-off technique for the ribbed cuff. I'm sure there are several tutorials out there. Just need to find the time ;)