Episode 113: Hello from Cape Cod!

8:24:00 AM

As the title of this episode suggests, I recorded from Cape Cod! I decided to put out a quickie episode this week because I know for a fact, when I get back to Brooklyn, there won't be any time — and I have lots to show you!

During the last episode, I showed you my Corgi Hill Farm fiber that I was spinning. Well, I loved spinning it so much, I actually finished spinning and navajo plying it! Even better? I knit it up!
Ladies and gentlemen, my very first EVER handspun FO!!! Now I just want to spin and knit ALL the things! The pattern is the Tan House Brook shawl by Jennifer Lassonde (aka BostonJen on Ravelry).
Next weekend I will have some time to photograph a blocked FO version of it.

I also finished some socks I've been working on, and putting a dent in my Daybreak shawl with yarn from Gynx Yarns.


Also, don't forget: Sign-up for the Voolenvine Yarns Art Nouveau Yarn Club before July 31st! Space is limited — join while you can :)

In other news, we had a great time at the Cape. The weather was a little meh, and didn't get to the beach until our last day on Tuesday. But we did get in a good hike and a sunset lobster cruise!

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