Friday, February 6, 2015

Episode 134: Tentacley


HO - Afterthought Heel Sock / Regia Self-Striping—For some reason, this sock knit up a smidge too big. It may be because the yarn is a heavier weight (sport?) or I was using dpns. I'm going to re-knit this time, decreasing my stitch count from 64 stitch cast on to a 60 stitch cast on.


  • Whispering Pines Shawl: Pattern by Molly Klatt / Voolenvine Yarns / Wolke - "Jilted Rose"
 I'm so close to knitting the lace edging! I purchased the beads (size 6/0) from
Whispering Pines Shawl and Beads For Lace Edging

Yarn: Voolenvine Yarns / Lush - "Octopus Garden"
Pattern: Two Lane Highway RAGE, by Sarah Stevens


  • SUPER BIG THANKS to Aaron and Becca of Aaron Makes Stuff. They generously donated one of their awesome drop spindles for a giveaway prize!
D-SPAKAL Giveaway Prize Drop Spindle from Aaron Makes Stuff

  • The weather in Brooklyn has been so snowy and dreary, I needed something to brighten my day. I found a mini mystery batt I rescued from my friend Kim's de-stash and spun it up on my own Aaron Makes Stuff spindle. 

This week I've been watching the Yarnings podcast, hosted by Kristine Beeson, and Knick's Knits, hosted by  


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  1. I loved the lavender yarn! While it looks from the shop that you found a great name, I remember reading somewhere that in Victorian England, mourning lasted for a year, but after the first 6 months of black, a woman could start wearing greys, mauves, and purples, so maybe that could inspire names for future colorways in that family.

    As for "Octopus Garden," those were exactly the colors that came to mind when you said the name, like it came right out of an aquarium exhibit description. Well done!