Episode 183: Totally Cubular

1:34:00 PM


Box O Sox KAL
Duration: 1 year (Jan. 2016 - Jan. 2017)

Waiting For Rain KAL
Waiting For Rain Shawl by Sylvia Bo Bilvia

Duration: 1 month (March - April 2016)

I started keeping a knitting journal, using a "Decomposition Book" and some washi tape. 


Knitting projects I brought with me to Montreal: 

Cozy Memories Blanket
2 squares

Diode Toque by Erica Knits
Gauge + Tension Cormo Sport

Other WIPS:

Monkey Socks by Cookie A.
Voolenvine Yarns, Footsie, "Lovesong"


My hackle has finally arrived!


To keep warm in Montréal, I brought along my Cladonia shawl, a pattern by Kristen Kapur, and knit using Frog Tree Alpaca Sport. I just realized, I knit this shawl FIVE YEARS AGO!!! And no moth holes, yet, to report.

Investigating Agatha Christie Pointe‑à‑Callière Museum

The Mystery of Agatha Christie With David Suchet
Amazon Prime Video (US)

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  1. Hi Kristin:

    Since you have been talking about the Fish Lips Kiss heel, how about promoting people buying the pattern and gifting it to other knitters? The author of the pattern is fighting an aggressive form of breast cancer and is using pattern sales to fund medical treatment and get togethers with her family. Many of us on Ravelry are supporting her by buying the pattern and gifting it to other knitters.

  2. Thanks for the great suggestion, Carolyn! It's wonderful to hear from people who want to help others. I'm so sorry to hear Sox Therapist is going through a terrible time and would love to offer my support. However, since her pattern is only a dollar, may I suggest creating a "GoFundMe" (https://www.gofundme.com/) for her? It might be more effective and appreciated in raising money for her treatment.