EPISODE 273: "I Say Tomato, You Say ..."

Top secret shawl designs, #MeMadeMay and all about sewing the Kew dress by Nina Lee patterns.


I've been a busy bee designing new shawl patterns! 

Project Bowl is from Home Row Fiber Co (HomeRowFiber.co)

Junk Yarns Podcast with Kemper

Love to Sew Podcast: Episode 29 - "Craft Real Magic with Rochelle New" 

Yarn combo from one of my current shawl design WIPs:
- Hedgehog Fibers, "Pollen"
- Fuse Fiber Studio, "Prism Blue"

Knitting on some plain vanilla socks using my hand dyed yarn ... Voolenvine Yarns, Footsie, "Edinburgh"

I also mention the Skeindeer Knits podcast, hosted by Eli. 



Sorry, friends! No update this week. Dennis and I are heading off to Cancun for Memorial Day weekend. I'll be back in another week with lots of "Strange Brew" colors and shop regulars :D

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Next update: Saturday, June 2 @ 10am ET


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