EPISODE 277: "My Making Mojo Returneth"

My knitting mojo returns, Selja Knot Tee, all about #TitsOutCollective, and more!!


I mention wanting to cast on: 

I cast on:

  • SMOCK IT! by Stephen West
    Color A: La Bien Aimée, "Dusk"
    Color B: Skein Queen, "Mountain Heather"
    Color C: The Woolen Rabbit, "Chocolate Chambord"

    I'm using a progress keeper from Jennifer who is @3kleineschaapjes on Instagram and hosts the Sticks and Thread Podcast


Gynx Yarns, Glitz Sock - "Graffiti"



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Next update: Friday, June 29 @ 7pm ET

Voolenvine Yarns is thrilled to be joining Countess Ablaze’s #TitsOutCollective Movement!

“The Countess” is an Indie Yarn Dyer based in the UK. She’s invited other dyers to replicate a colorway she created called, “If I Want Exposure, I’ll Get My Tits Out”, and donate a portion of sales to charity. Click here to read more about the story behind #TitsOutCollective

Our version of the colorway will be available on Blitzed and Footsie. 50% of sales will be donated to Planned Parenthood.